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The performance "Hamlet" got the Grand Prix at the XXXII International Theatre Festival in Lipetsk in 2016.

The performance "Hamlet" got the Silver Vityaz Prize at the XV International Theatre Festival "The Golden Vityaz" in 2017. The actress Natalya Demidova got the Golden Diploma of the XV International Theatre Festival "The Golden Vityaz" for the role of Ophelia in "Hamlet" in 2017.

The theatre designer Dmitry Drobyshev got the Golden Diploma of the XV International Theatre Festival "The Golden Vityaz" for the stage design of "Hamlet" in 2017.


To be or not to be, – that is the question being a visual metaphor of the performance "Hamlet" staged by Petr Orlov. What to do? What to be? ...If the world is breaking down under lies and sins? The Prince of Denmark Hamlet has to come back to his home castle Elsinore because of his father's death. And he suddenly got to his mother's wedding. The queen Gertrude had ignored the mourning and hastily got married her dead husband's brother Claudius. This is the reason for the shocked son to suffer. Furthermore, after the defilement of his father's death the Spirit of Hamlet's father appeared and told the son of the killing of his father by the murderer Claudius... The world collapsed, the links of times disintegrated.

The Vladimir Drama Theatre has staged "Hamlet" for the first time for 165 years. The performance has a chance to become a remarkable event in Shakespeare's theatre world thank to its persuasive discoveries and insight, frankness and magnetism. The performance is enjoyed by plenty of people and appreciated warmly by critics.




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